Red-tailed Greenbul

Red-tailed Greenbul / Criniger calurus

Red-tailed Greenbul

Here the details of the Red-tailed Greenbul named bird below:

SCI Name:  Criniger calurus
Protonym:  Tricophorus calurus Proc.Acad.Nat.Sci.Philadelphia 8 p.158
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Pycnonotidae /
Taxonomy Code:  retgre1
Type Locality:  Moonda River, Western Africa [Gabon].
Publish Year:  1856
IUCN Status:  


(Pycnonotidae; Western Bearded Greenbul C. barbatus) L. criniger  long-haired  < crinis  hair; -gera  -carrying  < gerere  to carry; "12. CRINON, Criniger.  (Temm.)  —  Caract. Bec court, fort, longicone, comprimé à la pointe, un peu élargi à la base; mandibule supérieure fléchie vers la pointe qui est un peu échancrée; base du bec garnie de très-fortes et longues soies   ...   Formé de cinq espèces nouvelles qui n'ont point de type parmi celles connue; toutes sont des côtes occidentales d'Afrique; plusieurs ont un bouquet de crins à la nuque" (Temminck 1820); "The genus Criniger may be known from all the other Bulbuls by the presence of a long pointed crest and numerous very long hairs springing from the nape or hind neck.  ...  the rictal bristles are well-developed" (Oates 1889); "Criniger Temminck, 1820, Man. d'Orn., éd. 2, pt. 1, p. lx.  Type, by subsequent designation, Criniger barbatus Temminck. (Idem, 1821, Pl. col., livr. 15, cover, and 1822, ibid., livr. 15, pl. 88.)" (Rand in Peters, 1960, IX, p. 275).  Temminck later rejected the name Criniger in favour of Trichophorus, but no name, once created, can be arbitrarily rejected, even by the original author (see Trichophorus).
Var. Griniger.
Synon. Cometes, Hypotrichas, Trichas, Trichophorus.
• (Dicruridae; syn. Dicrurus Hair-crested Drongo D. hottentottus) "14. CRINIGER SPLENDENS, T.  (Irena Puella,? Horsf.  Edolius? of Natterer.)   The bill totally dissimilar to the Drongo, with which Irena and Edolius are grouped.  It is long, hooked equally in both mandibles, nostrils denuded, and more like the bill of the Chough than any other bird.  The chief peculiarity of the bird is a crest, composed of long recumbent hairs, which ride from the head and fall back on the shoulders.  The tail is long, slightly forked; the ends of the outer feathers turned up, in the shape of a scoop.  In other respects it resembles the Drongo." (Tickell 1833); "Criniger Tickell, 1833, Journal Asiatic Soc. Bengal, II (23), p. 574 (not of Temminck, 1820).  Type, by monotypy, Criniger splendens Tickell, 1833 = Corvus hottentottus Linnaeus, 1766." (JAJ 2021).

criniger / crinigera
L. criniger  long-haired  < crinis  hair; -gera  -carrying  < gerere  to carry.
● ex “Péristère crinigère” of Hombron & Jacquinot 1845 (Gallicolumba).

Gr. καλος kalos beautiful; -ουρος -ouros -tailed < ουρα oura tail.

(Trogonidae; syn. Pharomachrus Pavonine Quetzal P. pavoninus) Gr. καλος kalos  beautiful; ουρα oura  tail; "SUB-GENERA.  ...  2. Bill serrated; head with an erect compressed crest; tail very long, cuneated.  America.   CALURUS, Sw." (Swainson 1832); "Arcuated, or arched tails, belong only to Rasorial types.  ...  another magnificent bird, the Calurus pavoninus, possesses this structure highly developed.    ...    Calurus, Sw.  Bill destitute of serratures.  Head (typically) with a compressed and elevated crest.  Upper tail covers enormously developed, and hiding the tail.  South America.  The rasorial type.   C. resplendens. Gould, Mon.   pavoninus. Spix, i. pl. 35." (Swainson, Nat. Hist. Classification Birds, I (1836), p. 101:  II (1837), p. 337); "Calurus Swainson, 1832, Zool. Illustrations, ser. 2, III (no. 24), text to plate 107 (TROGON Mexicanus f.).  Type, by implied monotypy (Swainson 1836), Calurus pavoninus, i.e. Trogon pavoninus von Spix, 1824." (JAJ 2021).


Red-tailed Greenbul (verreauxi)
SCI Name: Criniger calurus verreauxi
veroxii / verrauxi / verrauxii / verreauxi
● Jules Pierre Verreaux (1807-1873) and his brother Jean Baptiste Édouard Verreaux (1810-1868) French natural history dealers (syn. Anurolimnas castaneiceps, syn. Larus dominicanus).
● Jules Pierre Verreaux (1807-1873) French natural history dealer, collector (syn. Bubo lacteus, subsp. Cinnyricinclus leucogaster, Coua, subsp. Criniger calurus, syn. Cryptomicroeca flaviventris (ex Eopsaltria flavigastra J. Verreaux & des Murs, 1860), syn. Dryoscopus senegalensis, syn. Eupodotis caerulescens, Guttera, Leptotila, Rhipidura, Suthora (ex Suthora gularis J. Verreaux, 1871)).
● Jean Baptiste Édouard Verreaux (1810-1868) French natural history dealer (Cyanomitra). This eponym has been amended to verreauxiverreauxii, and verroxii.
● see also verreauxii

Red-tailed Greenbul (calurus)
SCI Name: Criniger calurus calurus
Gr. καλος kalos beautiful; -ουρος -ouros -tailed < ουρα oura tail.

Red-tailed Greenbul (emini)
SCI Name: Criniger calurus emini
Mehmet Emin Bey, later Emin Pasha, the adopted name of Dr Eduard Carl Oscar Theodor Schnitzer (1840-1892) German administrator in the Ottoman service, Pasha of Equatorial Province, Egyptian Sudan 1878-1889, physician, naturalist, collector, murdered by Arab slave-traders (subsp. Agapornis swindernianus, subsp. Argya rubiginosa, syn. Aviceda cuculoides verreauxi, subsp. Cecropis daurica, subsp. Cisticola aberrans, syn. Cisticola chiniana humilis, syn. Cisticola woosnami, syn. Coturnix adansonii, subsp. Criniger calurus, syn. Glareola nuchalis, subsp. Lamprotornis chalcurus, subsp. Ploceus baglafecht, syn. Prodotiscus insignis, syn. Pseudonigrita arnaudi dorsalis, syn. Pterocles exustus, syn. Pternistis icterorhynchus, syn. Ptilopachus petrosus, subsp. Pytilia phoenicoptera, subsp. Rhinopomastus aterrimus, subsp. Rhinoptilus cinctus, subsp. Salpornis salvadori, subsp. Sporopipes frontalis, subsp. Tauraco schuettii, subsp. Tchagra australis, subsp. Terpsiphone rufiventer, Trachyphonus, subsp. Turdoides jardineii).
● See: eminibey