Iberian Magpie

Iberian Magpie / Cyanopica cooki

Iberian Magpie

Here the details of the Iberian Magpie named bird below:

SCI Name:  Cyanopica cooki
Protonym:  Cyanopica cooki Consp.Gen.Av. 1 p.382
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Corvidae /
Taxonomy Code:  azwmag3
Type Locality:  Spain; restricted to Madrid by Witherby (1923, Bull. Brit. Orn. CI., 43, p. 74).
Publish Year:  1850
IUCN Status:  


(Corvidae; Ϯ Asian Azure-winged Magpie C. cyanus) L. cyanos  lapis lazuli  < Gr. κυανος kuanos  dark-blue; pica  magpie; "Intermediate between Garrulus and Pica, we come now to my Cyanopica, a genus of Blue Magpies about which some English journalists have chattered like pied (or rather paid) Magpies! I subjoin here the phrases of its three species, that of Vaillant, Pallas, and Capt. Cook, now Widrington (so closely allied as to be taken for three races of but one species), to show they are really distinct, although the characters hitherto assigned to them by the most clever and accurate naturalists may have proved inconstant and fallacious.   1. CYANOPICA MELANOCEPHALA, Bp.  ...  Hab. in China.   2. CYANOPICA CYANEA, Bp.  ...  Hab. in Asia orientali, Daouria, Japan.   3. CYANOPICA COOKI, Bp.  ...  Hab. in Eur. mer. Hispania." (Bonaparte 1850 (P.Z.S.)); "*822. Cyanopica, Bp. (Pica, p. Gr. - Garrulus, p. Auct.)  Eur. m. Afr. s. As. 3.   1?CORVUS CYANEUS, Lath. Vieill. nec Pall. (Pica melanocephalos, Wagl. - Cyanopolius vaillantii, Bp. in litt. Cyanopica melanocephala, Bp.) Levaill. Afr. t. 58. ex China.   ...  2.  CORVUS cyaneus, Pall. (Pica cyanea, Wagl. Schleg. Cyanopolius pallasi, Bp. in litt. - Cyanopica cyanea vel pallasi, Bp.) Faun. Japon. t. 42. ex Asia orientali nec occidentali.   ...   3. PICA CYANEA, Cook, nec Pall.(Pie bleue d'Europe, Cyanopica europaea, Schleg. - Cyanopolius cooki, Bp. Br. Ass. Birmingh. 1849. - Cyanopica cooki, Bp.) Gould, Eur. t. 217. - Susemihl, Vög. Eur. II. t. 5. ad. et jun. ex Hispania, Afr. s." (Bonaparte 1850 (Conspectus)); "Cyanopica Bonaparte, 1850, Proc. Zool. Soc. London, p. 85. Type, by subsequent designation (Gray, 1855, Cat. Gen. Subgen. Birds, p. 64), Corvus cyanus Pallas." (Vaurie in Peters, 1962, XV, p. 244).
Synon. Cyanopolius, Dolometis.

cooki / cookii
● John Pemberton Cook (1865-1924) British tea planter in India, forestry officer in Burma, coffee-estate owner in Kenya, big-game hunter, field-ornithologist (Apus, syn. Laniarius ruficeps rufinuchalis, Prinia).
● Capt. James Cook (1728-1779) Royal Navy, hydrographer, explorer and circumnavigator 1768-1771, 1772-1775, 1776-1779 (syn. Calyptorhynchus lathami, subsp. Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae, Pterodroma, syn. Pterodroma leucoptera).
● Capt. Samuel Edward Cook (1787-1856) British geologist, naturalist, collector (Cyanopica).