Baer’s Pochard

Baer\'s Pochard / Aythya baeri

Baer's Pochard

Here the details of the Baer's Pochard named bird below:

SCI Name:  Aythya baeri
Protonym:  Anas (Fuligula) Baeri ReisenSudenOst-Sibir.(2), 2 p.376 pl.15
Taxonomy:  Anseriformes / Anatidae /
Taxonomy Code:  baepoc1
Type Locality:  Southeast Siberia.
Publish Year:  1863
IUCN Status:  


(Anatidae; Ϯ Greater Scaup A. marila) Gr. αιθυια aithuia  unidentified seabird mentioned by Aristotle, Hesychius, and other authors. In modern times associated with a variety of seabirds, including a shearwater, a cormorant, a duck, and an auk (cf. Gr. myth. Thyr or Thyrie, mother of Cygnus, who was changed into a waterbird); "130. Aythya marila. — Anas marila Lin." (Boie 1822); "Aythya Boie, 1822, (before May), Tagebuch Reise Norwegen, p. 351. Type, by monotypy, Anas marila Linnaeus." (Johnsgard in Peters, 1979, I, ed. 2, p. 482).   
Var. Aethyia, Aethyja, Aithyia, Aithya.   
Synon. Aristonetta, Dyseonetta, Fuligula, Fulix, Glaucium, Hydrobates, Ilyonetta, Marila, Nettarion, Nyroca, Penelope, Perissonetta, Zeafulix.

● Prof. Karl Ernst von Baer Edler von Huthorn (1792-1876) Prussian embryologist, anti-Darwinist, geographer, explorer in Siberia under Russian auspices (Aythya).
● Gustave Adolphe Baer (1838-1918) French natural history dealer, collector in Peru, Chile and Brazil (Asthenes, Leucippus, Paroaria, subsp. Patagioenas plumbea, Poospiza, syn. Syndactyla dimidiata, subsp. Thalurania furcata, syn. Upucerthia ruficaudus).