Pictorella Munia

Pictorella Munia / Heteromunia pectoralis

Pictorella Munia

Here the details of the Pictorella Munia named bird below:

SCI Name:  Heteromunia pectoralis
Protonym:  Amadina pectoralis Proc.Zool.Soc.London(1840) (1840), Pt8 no.93 p.127
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Estrildidae /
Taxonomy Code:  picmun1
Type Locality:  northwestern Australia [= Derby].
Publish Year:  1841
IUCN Status:  


(Estrildidae; Ϯ Pictorella Mannikin H. pectoralis) Gr. ἑτερος heteros different, another; genus Munia Hodgson, 1836, mannikin; "HETEROMUNIA, gen. nov.  Differs from Lonchura Sykes in its larger, more conical bill, longer wing, comparatively shorter tail and stronger feet.  Type, Amadina pectoralis Gould." (Mathews 1913); "Heteromunia Mathews, Austral Av. Rec. vol. ii. p. 60, Oct. 23rd, 1913.  Type (by original designation): Amadina pectoralis Gould." (Mathews, 1930, Syst. Av. Austral., II, p. 833).

pectorale / pectoralis
L. pectoralis  of the breast, pectoral  < pectus, pectoris  breast.
● ex “Engoulevent à collier” of Levaillant 1806 (Caprimulgus).
● ex “Janfréderic” of Levaillant 1801-1804, pl. 111 (syn. Cossypha caffra).
● ex “Austral Quail” of Latham 1823 (Coturnix).
● ex “Gold-breasted Manakin” of Latham 1801 (Euphonia).
● ex “Petit Merle brun à gorge rousse de Cayenne” of d’Aubenton 1765-1781, pl. 644, fig. 2, and “Yellow-breasted Thrush” of Latham 1785 (syn. Gymnopithys rufigula).
● ex “Red-breasted Snipe” of Montagu 1813 (syn. Limnodromus griseus).
● ex “Black-breasted Flycatcher” of Latham 1787 (Pachycephala).
● ex “Mbatuitui pecho listado” of de Azara 1802-1805, no. 389 (syn. Pluvialis dominica).
● ex “Tachurí pecho amarillo” of de Azara 1802-1805, no. 165 (Polystictus).
● ex “Black-breasted Grosbeak” of Latham 1783 (syn. Sporophila americana).
● ex “Cordon Noir” of Levaillant 1805, pl. 150 (artefact).
● ex “Hausse-Col Noir” of Levaillant 1802, pl. 110 (artefact).