White-cheeked Tern

White-cheeked Tern / Sterna repressa

White-cheeked Tern

Here the details of the White-cheeked Tern named bird below:

SCI Name:  Sterna repressa
Protonym:  Sterna repressa Novit.Zool. 23 p.298
Taxonomy:  Charadriiformes / Laridae /
Taxonomy Code:  whcter1
Type Locality:  Fao, Persian Gulf.
Publish Year:  1916
IUCN Status:  


(Laridae; Ϯ Common Tern S. hirundo) Old English names Stern, Stearn or Starn for the Black Tern (cf. Swedish Tärna; Norwegian Terne); "70. STERNA.  Rostrum edentulum, subulatum, rectum, acutum apice compressiusculo.  Nares lineares." (Linnaeus 1758); "Sterna Linné, Syst. Nat., ed. 10, 1, 1758, p. 137. Type, by tautonymy, Sterna hirundo Linné (Sterna, prebinomial specific name in synonymy)." (Peters 1934, II, 331). Linnaeus's Sterna comprised three species (S. stolida, S. Hirundo, S. nigra).
Var. SteniaTerna.
Synon. Chelido, Gygisterna, Potamochelidon, Pseudosterna, Seena, Thalassaea.

Mod. L. sterna tern.

L. repressus  restrained, held back  < reprimere  to hold back; "THE tenth species of the genus Sterna in the Cat. B. Brit. Mus. xxv. p. 69 is called Sterna albigena, and on p. xiii Sterna albigena Licht. Neither the name of the species nor that of the author can be maintained.  ... Reichenbach figured a bird in the "Mus. Goetz." with huge black feet (the toes as long as the beak!), apparently white underside, and the size of Sterna bergii, i.e. 19.9in. in length, a point which must have escaped Howard Saunders. It is impossible to identify this figure with what is now called S. albigena, and the latter must therefore have a new name. I consequently call it Sterna repressa nom. nov. This name is meant as a new term for the S. albigena of Cat. B. Brit. Mus. xxv, p. 69, of Reichenow and other recent authors" (Hartert 1916) (Sterna).