Pygmy Cuckooshrike

Pygmy Cuckooshrike / Celebesia abbotti

Pygmy Cuckooshrike

Here the details of the Pygmy Cuckooshrike named bird below:

SCI Name:  Celebesia abbotti
Protonym:  Celebesia abbotti Proc.Biol.Soc.Wash. 31 p.158
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Campephagidae /
Taxonomy Code:  pygcus1
Type Locality:  Rano-Rano, Celebes.
Publish Year:  1918
IUCN Status:  


(Campephagidae; syn. Celebesica Pygmy Cuckooshrike C. abbotti) Celebes, Dutch East Indies / Sulawesi, Indonesia; "Celebesia, gen. nov.  Simliar [sic] to Malindangia Mearns but bill proportionally narrower (width just forward of the nostril equal to the depth instead of broader); fifth primary (counting from the outside) shorter than the third instead of longer; rectrices more rounded; plumage not so soft; and color pattern different.  Type. — Celebesia abbotti.    Celebesia abbotti, † sp. nov.  ...   Celebesia evidently represents Malindangia (from the mountains of Mindanao) in the highlands of Celebes.   ...   † Named in honor of Dr. W. L. Abbott." (Riley 1918); "Celebesia Riley, 1918, Proc. Biol. Soc. Washington, 31, p. 158.  Type, by original designation, Celebesia abbotti Riley.  Not Celebesia Bolivar, 1917, Insecta." (Peters, 1960, IX, p. 169).

● Dr William Louis Abbott (1860-1936) US surgeon, explorer, ethnologist, naturalist who collected widely around the world 1883-1923 (syn. Brachypodius atriceps baweanus, syn. Butorides striata javanica, subsp. Cacatua sulphurea, ‡subsp. Calyptophilus frugivorusCelebesica, syn. Chlorophoneus multicolor, subsp. Cinnyris souimanga, syn. Coccyzus minor, subsp. Cyanecula svecica, ‡subsp. Dryolimnas cuvieri, syn. Hirundo tahitica javanica, subsp. Hypothymis azurea, syn. Kittacincla malabarica tricolor, syn. Lybius leucocephalus albicauda, subsp. Megapodius nicobariensis, subsp. Nesoctites micromegas, subsp. Nyctibius jamaicensis, Papasula, syn. Phodilus badius, subsp. Pitta sordida, subsp. Psittacula alexandri, Psittinus, subsp. Spilornis cheela, syn. Streptopelia picturata rostrata, subsp. Threskiornis bernieri, syn. Treron vernans).
● Lt.-Col. John Richard Abbott (1811-1888) British Army, Assistant-Commissioner of the Arakan, Burma 1837-1845 (Malacocincla).
● Dr Charles Greeley Abbott (1872-1973) US astrophysicist, solar researcher, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution 1928-1944, Secretary Emeritus 1944-1973 (syn. Tychaedon coryphoeus).