Cuban Parakeet

Cuban Parakeet / Psittacara euops

Cuban Parakeet

Here the details of the Cuban Parakeet named bird below:

SCI Name:  Psittacara euops
Protonym:  Sittace euops Abh.K.Bay.Akad.Wiss. 1 p.638 pl.24 fig.2
Taxonomy:  Psittaciformes / Psittacidae /
Taxonomy Code:  cubpar2
Type Locality:  America = Cuba.
Publish Year:  1832
IUCN Status:  


(Psittacidae; Ϯ White-eyed Parakeet P. leucophthalmus) Portmanteau of genera Psittacula Cuvier, 1800, parakeet, and Ara de Lacépède, 1799, macaw; "These birds, although their cheeks are covered with feathers and they are thus brought within the circle of the Parrakeets, have yet the bill of the Maccaws  ... From their osculant situation between the two groups, thus strikingly apparent, the species that exhibit these characters have received the familiar name of Parrakeet-Maccaws in our language, and of Perruche-Aras among the French Ornithologists. Like the true Maccaws they are exclusively natives of the New World. Two species, lately added to our collections in this country, and which appear to me to be new to science, afford me an opportunity of characterizing this interesting group, which from its intermediate station between the two subfamilies, and with a reference to the trivial name already bestowed upon it, I shall denominate PSITTACARA.  ...  The Psittacus Guianensis of Linnaeus, the Perruche-Ara Pavouane of M. Le Vaillant [Pl. 14. 15] may be selected as the type of this genus" (Vigors 1825).
Var. Psittacaria, Psittacarus.
Synon. Evopsitta, Maracana, Protoconurus, Thectocercus.

Gr. ευ eu  fine; ωψ ōps, ωπος ōpos  eye, countenance (cf. ευοψια euopsia  good looks).