Gray-breasted Crake

Gray-breasted Crake / Laterallus exilis

Gray-breasted Crake

Here the details of the Gray-breasted Crake named bird below:

SCI Name:  Laterallus exilis
Protonym:  Rallus exilis Pl.Col. livr.88 pl.523
Taxonomy:  Gruiformes / Rallidae /
Taxonomy Code:  grbcra1
Type Locality:  No locality, Cayenne designated by Hellmayr, Nov. Zool., 14, 1907, p. 90.
Publish Year:  1831
IUCN Status:  


(Rallidae; Ϯ Rufous-sided Crake L. melanophaius) Portmanteau of specific combination Rallus lateralis (Lichtenstein, 1823) (= syn. Laterallus melanophaius) (see Crybastus); "d. Laterallus, Bp." (Bonaparte 1854 (nom. nud.)); "1997. LATERALLUS, Pr. B. 1854. (Rallus melanophaia, Vieill.)" (G. Gray 1855); "Laterallus "Pr. B." G. R. Gray, Cat. Gen. Subgen. Bds., 1855, p. 120. Type, by monotypy, Rallus melanophaius Vieillot." (Peters 1934, II, 189).
Var. Lateiallus.
Synon. Corethura, Creciscus, Crybastus, Donacophilus, Laterirallus, Limnocrex, Thryocrex.

L. exilis  small, slender, thin  < ex  without; ile, ilis  intestines.
ex “Minute Bittern” (= ♀) and “Mexican Bittern” of Latham 1785 (Ixobrychus).
● ex “Hummingbird of a black colour” of Bancroft 1769, and “Little Humming Bird” of Latham 1782 (subsp. Orthorhyncus cristatus).