Panama Flycatcher

Panama Flycatcher / Myiarchus panamensis

Panama Flycatcher

Here the details of the Panama Flycatcher named bird below:

SCI Name:  Myiarchus panamensis
Protonym:  Myiarchus panamensis Ann.Lyc.Nat.Hist.N.Y. 7 p.284,285
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Tyrannidae /
Taxonomy Code:  panfly1
Type Locality:  Isthmus of Panama.
Publish Year:  1861
IUCN Status:  


(Tyrannidae; Ϯ Short-crested Flycatcher M. ferox) Gr. μυια muia, μυιας muias  fly; αρχος arkhos  ruler, chief  < αρχω arkhō  to rule; "13. Gen. Myiarchus Cab. 1)  Muscapa [sic] et Tyrannus Auctor. part. Tyrannula Swain. 2) 1827.  Pyrocephalus Gould. 1838.      63. 1. M. ferox Cab.  Muscicapa ferox Lin. Gmel.   ...   64. 2. M. rufiventris Cab.  Tyrannus rufiventris d'Orb. de Lafr.   ...   65. 3. M. nigricans Cab.  Tyrannula nigricans Swains.   ...   66. 4. M. ferrugineus Cab.  Todus ferrugineus Lin. Gmel. ... Tyrannus bellicosus Vieill. ... Platyrhynchus hirundinaceus Spix. ... Platyrhynchus rupestris Pr. Max. ... Hirundinea bellicosa d'Orb. de Lafr. ... Suiriri roxo oscuro Azar.   ...   67. 5. M. coronatus Cab.  Muscicapa coronata Lin. Gmel.   ...   68. 6. M. atropurpureus Cab.  Muscicapa atropurpurea Lichtenst.   ...     1μυια musca, αρχος princeps.    2) except. Muscicapa barbata Gmel. et aliae species eidem similes, quae ad genus Myiobius Gray spectant." (Cabanis 1844); "Myiarchus Cabanis, 1844, Archiv. f. Naturg., 10 (1), p. 272. Type, by subsequent designation (G. R. Gray, 1855, Cat. Genera Subgenera Birds, p. 49), Muscicapa ferox Gmelin." (Traylor in Peters 1979, VIII, 194).  
Var. Myarchus.
Synon. Eribates, Hylonax, Kaupornis, Muscifur, Myionax, Onychopterus.
● (syn. Mecocerculus Ϯ White-throated Tyrannulet M. leucophrys setophagoides) "*373. Myiarchus, Bp. ex Caban. (Myiobius pGr.)  ...  1. TYRANNULA setophagoidesBpActItalAnnsextMediolp. 405. sp. 30. ex S.ta Fe de Bogota.  ...  2. TYRANNULA divaricataBp. (Pyrocephalus divaricatus, Gr.) ProcZoolSoc. 1837. p. 112. ex Mexico.  ...  An hujus generis?" (Bonaparte 1850); "Myiarchus Bonaparte, 1850 (not of Cabanis, 1844), Consp. Gen. Avium, 1, p. 188. Type, by monotypy,1 Tyrannula setophagoides Bonaparte.   1 The second species cited, Tyrannula divaraicata Bonaparte, is doubtfully referred to the new genus and hence is unavailable." (Traylor in Peters 1979, VIII, 35).

panama / panamense / panamensis
Panama (said to be the name of a fishing village meaning "plenty of fish").


Panama Flycatcher (actiosus)
SCI Name: Myiarchus panamensis actiosus
L. actiosus  active  < agere  to set in motion (cf. Gr. ακτη aktē, ακτης aktēs  coast).

Panama Flycatcher (panamensis)
SCI Name: Myiarchus panamensis panamensis
panama / panamense / panamensis
Panama (said to be the name of a fishing village meaning "plenty of fish").