Warsangli Linnet

Warsangli Linnet / Linaria johannis

Warsangli Linnet

Here the details of the Warsangli Linnet named bird below:

SCI Name:  Linaria johannis
Protonym:  Warsanglia johannis Bull.Br.Orn.Club 40 p.48
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Fringillidae /
Taxonomy Code:  warlin1
Type Locality:  Mush Haled, 4,000 ft., about 250 miles WSW. of Cape Guardafui, Warsangli country, British Somaliland.
Publish Year:  1919
IUCN Status:  


(Fringillidae; Ϯ Common Linnet L. cannabina) Late Med. L. linaria  linnet  < L. linarius  belonging to flax  < linum  flax; "Mit im Umfange rundem, kurzem und kurzzugespitztem Schnabel.  Die Nahrung bloß öhlige Sämereyen. (Linaria.)  7. Hanffink (Hänfling: F. cannabina et Linota, Linn.)" (Bechstein 1802); "54. SIZERIN, Linaria. Fringilla, Linn. Gm. Lath.  Bec très-court, couvert à la base de petites plumes décomposées et dirigées en avant, droit, grêle et aigu à la pointe.—Mandibule inférieure à bords bidentés vers l'origine.  Esp. Sizerin, Buff." (Vieillot 1816).
Synon. AcanthisAgriospiza, Cannabia, Cannabina, Linophaga, Linota, Pseudacanthis, Sizeris, Warsanglia.
● (syn. Passerina Ϯ Indigo Bunting P. cyanea) Late Med. L. linaria  linnet; "‡Linaria ciris; the painted finch, or nonpareil.  *L. cyanea; the blue linnet.   ...   Linaria ciris (emberiza ciris Linn.) or painted finch, or nonpareil of Catesby, is not seen North of Cape Fear, in North Carolina, and seldom ten miles from the sea coast, or perhaps twenty or thirty miles, near the banks of great river   ...   Linaria cyanea (tanagra Linn.) the blue linnet, is supposed by some to be the nonpareil, in an early stage of life, not being yet arrived to his brilliancy and variety of colours; but this is certainly a mistake, for the blue linnet is longer and of a slenderer configuration, and their notes more variable, vehement and sonorous." (Bartram 1792); "Linaria BARTRAM, Travels through Carolina, etc., 1791. p. — (London ed., 1792, pp. 289, 297)  ...  Type, Tanagra cyanea LINNAEUS.  (Present designation.)" (Richmond 1917).

Late Med. L. linaria  linnet  < L. linarius  linen-weaver, belonging to flax  < linum  flax.
● "98. FRINGILLA.  ...  Linaria.  23. F. remigibus rectricibusque fuscis margine obsolete pallido, litura alarum albida. Fn. svec. 210.  Linaria rubra. Gesn. av. 591. Aldr. orn. l. 18. c. 9. Will. orn. 191. Raj. av. 91. n. 3. Alb. av. 3. p. 70. t. 75. Frisch. av. t. 10. f. 3. 4.  Habitat in Europa." (Linnaeus 1758) (syn. Acanthis flammea).

Med. L. Johannes  John, Jean, Johann, Juan, João.
● John Philip Stephenson Clarke (1896-1969) English naturalist, collector, Somaliland Police 1918-1920 (Linaria).
● Sir John Murray (1841-1914) Canadian/Scottish marine naturalist, oceanographer, naturalist on Challenger Expedition 1872-1876 (subsp. Ptilinopus solomonensis).