Pale-billed Hornero

Pale-billed Hornero / Furnarius torridus

Pale-billed Hornero

Here the details of the Pale-billed Hornero named bird below:

SCI Name:  Furnarius torridus
Protonym:  Furnarius torridus Proc.Zool.Soc.London Pt2 p.183
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Furnariidae /
Taxonomy Code:  pabhor2
Type Locality:  Rio Ucayali, Peru.
Publish Year:  1866
IUCN Status:  


(Furnariidae; Ϯ Rufous Hornero F. rufus) L. furnarius  baker  < furnus  oven. The birds in this genus were formerly and generally given the name ‘ovenbird,’ with reference to the distinctive oven-shaped nest of the Rufous Hornero (cf. Spanish hornero  baker); "164. FOURNIER, Furnarius.  Merops, Linn. Gm. Lath.  Bec plus court que la tête, aussi haut que large, comprimé latéralement, peu arqué, entier, pointu. — Langue médiocre, étroite, usée à la pointe. — Ailes foibles.   Esp. Fournillier, Buff." (Vieillot 1816); "Furnarius Vieillot, Analyse, 1816, p. 47. Type, by monotypy, "Fournillier" Buffon = Merops rufus Gmelin." (Peters, 1951, VII, p. 69).
Synon. Figulus, Ipnodomus, Opetiorynchos.

torrida / torridus
L. torridus  scorched, torrid, burnt  < torrere  to burn.