Crowned Hornbill

Crowned Hornbill / Lophoceros alboterminatus

Crowned Hornbill

Here the details of the Crowned Hornbill named bird below:

SCI Name:  Lophoceros alboterminatus
Protonym:  Lophoceros alboterminatus NotesLeydenMus. 11 p.67
Taxonomy:  Bucerotiformes / Bucerotidae /
Taxonomy Code:  crohor1
Type Locality:  Gambos, upper Cunene, Angola.
Publish Year:  1889
IUCN Status:  


(Bucerotidae; Ϯ African Grey Hornbill L. nasutus) Gr. λοφος lophos   crest; genus Buceros Linnaeus, 1758, hornbill; "1) Bucerotem Forskålii (8)   ...   (8) Buceros, Lophoceros, Forskålii H. et E.   Dymludj, est Crotophaga griseo maculata Tullack Forskålii.   Statura et colore B. nasuto senegalensi perquam similis, sed paullo maior, alis longioribus, rostro validiore, quadripollicari, ad narium basin altiore, pedum digito postico longiore. Rostri tomia lacera, grosse serrata. Cauda alas complicatas 4 pollices superat (apud nasutum 5).   ...   Vox stridens ingrata.   ...   Lophocerotes eos Bucerotes appellavi, qui, aut cornu, aut eius vestigium in acie rostri gerunt, qui rostri aciem plane simplicem offerunt Alophii sunt." (Ehrenberg 1833); "The L. nasutus and the L. birostris, on account of having casques continued anteriorly to a sharp point, and projecting over the maxilla, cannot be retained in the genus Tockus, whose members have merely the culmen slightly elevated into a crest-like ridge.  I have therefore adopted for them  the term Lophoceros, proposed by Hemprich and Ehrenberg in 1828" (Elliot 1882); "Lophoceros Ehrenberg, Symb. Phys., Av., 1833, sig. z.  Type, Buceros (Lophoceros) forskålii Ehrenberg. (Here definitely designated for the first time.)" (Peters 1945, V, 254); "4. Lophoceros nasutus  ...  Larger, darker birds from NE Ethiopia and SW Arabia described as race forskalii, and paler ones from S Angola and Namibia as dorsalis, but neither seems distinct enough to warrant recognition." (del Hoyo & Collar 2014, 568).   
Synon. Calao, Grammicus, Poecilorhynchus, Protockus, Rhynchaceros.

alboterminata / alboterminatus
L. albus white; terminatus boundary, edge < terminare to limit.