Buff-banded Bushbird

Buff-banded Bushbird / Cincloramphus bivittatus

Buff-banded Bushbird

Here the details of the Buff-banded Bushbird named bird below:

SCI Name:  Cincloramphus bivittatus
Protonym:  Napothera bivittata Consp.Gen.Av. 1 p.359
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Locustellidae /
Taxonomy Code:  bubbus1
Type Locality:  Timor.
Publish Year:  1850
IUCN Status:  


(Locustellidae; Ϯ Brown Songlark C. cruralis) Mod. L. cinclus  thrush  < Gr. κιγκλος kinklos  unknown waterside bird; ῥαμφος rhamphos  bill; "Genus CINCLORAMPHUS.   Bill rather shorter than the head; culmen slightly arched; the tip distinctly notched; the commissure slightly angulated at the base, and somewhat incurved for the remainder of its length; nostrils, lateral, oval; wings moderate, rigid, first quill very long and nearly equal to the second and third, which are the longest; tertials nearly as long as the primaries; tail rather small and cuneiform; tarsi very strong and scutellated anteriorly; toes long and powerful, particularly the hinder one and claw, which is articulated on the same plane with the inner toe; lateral toes nearly equal.  Type. Megalurus cruralis, Vig. and Horsf." (Gould 1838); "Cincloramphus Gould, 1838, Synop. Birds Australia, pt. 4, app., p. 4.  Type, by original designation, Megalurus cruralis Vigors and Horsfield." (Mayr in Peters, 1986, XI, p. 44).
Var. Cynclorhamphus, Cynchlorhamphus, Cinctorhamphus.
Synon. Dulciornis, Maclennania, Ptenoedus.

bivittata / bivittatus
Mod. L. bivittatus  two-banded, two-striped  < L. bi-  double  < bis  twice; vittatus  banded  < vitta  ribbon.
● ex “Figuier à tête noire de Cayenne” (= ♂) of d’Aubenton 1765-1781, pl. 704, fig. 1, and “Sylvia caerulea var. β” of Latham 1790 (syn. Polioptila plumbea).