Maned Owl

Maned Owl / Jubula lettii

Maned Owl

Here the details of the Maned Owl named bird below:

SCI Name:  Jubula lettii
Protonym:  Bubo lettii NotesLeydenMus. 11 p.34
Taxonomy:  Strigiformes / Strigidae /
Taxonomy Code:  manowl1
Type Locality:  Liberia.
Publish Year:  1889
IUCN Status:  


(Strigidae; Ϯ Maned Owl J. lettii) Mod. L. jubula  little mane  < dim. L. iuba  mane; "Büttikofer (Notes Leyden Museum, xi. p. 34, 1889) described and figured an Owl from Liberia as Bubo lettii.  Since then, this Owl has been placed in various genera by different authors. Sharpe placed it in Scops (= Otus) and Reichenow in Lophostrix, a South American genus. It is easy to see that it does not belong to the latter genus, and an examination of the different species of Otus convinces me that it cannot be placed in that genus nor any other existing genus. I therefore propose to make a new genus as follows:—  Jubula, gen. nov.  Type, Bubo lettii Büttikofer.  Plumage of head and neck very long and loose, forming a shaggy mane, the ear-tufts, though long, not projecting very far beyond this mane.  Wings long and concave, and rounded at the tip, the outermost remex less than two-thirds as long as the longest, the following ones graduated, and the 5th or 6th primaries longest. Tail also long.  Legs short; toes small and bare.  Cere inflated over the nostrils, but not over the culmen, which is visible throughout its length.  Jubula is distinguished from Bubo in the lightness of build, small feet and weak claws, and in the thin cere which does not hide the base of the culmen.  From Otus it differs in thin cere, inflated only over the nostrils, and in size.  From both Bubo and Otus it is distinguished by the peculiarly long and shaggy plumage, especially about the head, in the wings very long and rounded, and in the long tail." (Bates 1929).

“Amongst the last birds received from Mr. Stampfli, there was a very peculiar new Owl, which I propose to name Bubo lettii, after its discoverer Mr. Lett, our former landlord and huntsman at Schieffelinsville [, Junk River, Liberia]” (Büttikofer 1889) (Jubula).