Andean Negrito

Andean Negrito / Lessonia oreas

Andean Negrito

Here the details of the Andean Negrito named bird below:

SCI Name:  Lessonia oreas
Protonym:  Centrites oreas Proc.Zool.Soc.London Pt1 p.154
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Tyrannidae /
Taxonomy Code:  andneg1
Type Locality:  Tinta, Cuzco, Peru.
Publish Year:  1869
IUCN Status:  


(Tyrannidae; Ϯ Austral Negrito L. rufa) Prof. René-Primevère Lesson (1794-1849) French Navy surgeon-naturalist, explorer. "24. Genus, LESSONIA.  Rostrum breve, depressum, triangulare, apice adunca, culmine recto.  Vibrissæ mastacales.  Alæ longæ, acuminatæ, remigibus quatuor prioribus æqualibus.  Cauda æqualis.  Tarsi longissimi, graciles.  Digiti laterales æquales.  Ungues vix curvati, posticus longissimus.   ...   Type. — Anthus sordidus, LESSON.  Chili.  Mus. Nost.   ...   It is unquestionably the fissirostral type of the Motacillinæ, and seems to render the rank of Seiurus, as a sub-genus of Accentor, no longer doubtful.  By the kindness of M. Lesson, I am possessed of a specimen from the coast of Chili; and as I see no reason why botanists only should be commemorated by generic names, I trust I may be allowed to designate this new genus after the enterprising Zoologist by whom it was discovered." (Swainson 1832); "Lessonia Swainson, 1832, in Swainson and Richardson, Fauna, Bor.-Amer., 2 (1831), p. 490. Type, by monotypy, Anthus sordidus Lesson = Alauda rufa Gmelin." (Traylor in Peters 1979, VIII, 173).
Synon. Auchmalea, Centrites, Centrophanes.

lessonia / lessonii
● Prof. René-Primevère Lesson (1794-1849) French Navy surgeon-naturalist, explorer (syn. Aquila spilogaster, syn. Ardea herodias, subsp. Ceyx azureus (ex Ceyx azurea Lesson), syn. Cinclodes patagonicus, syn. Phonygammus keraudreniiPterodroma, syn. Stercorarius longicaudus, syn. Syma torotoro).
● Pierre-Adolphe Lesson (1805-1888) French Navy surgeon-naturalist, botanist, brother of René-Primevère Lesson (syn. Campephilus guatemalensis, Momotus, syn. Oreopholus ruficollis, syn. Vini ultramarina).

L. oreas, oreadis  mountain nymph, oreiad  < ορειας oreias, ορειαδος oreiados  oreiad, mountain nymph  < ορος oros, ορεος oreos  mountain.

Gr. ορειας oreias, ορειαδος oreiados  mountain-nymph, oreiad  < ορος oros, ορεος oreos  mountain.
● (syn. Cochoa Ϯ Javan Cochoa C. azurea) "[Tableau Méthodique. Additions et Corrections] Genre 1 bis. OREIADE. - Oreias. Temm.   71. Turdoide azurin.  Oreiade azurin.  Oreias azureus. Temm." (Temminck 1839).    Var. Oreas.
● (syn. Lagopus Ϯ Red Grouse L. scoticus) "1. Tetrao scoticus  ...  Berghuhn. Oreias *). (Tetrao scoticus).   ...  Ch[arakter]. Waldhühner mit bis zu den Nägeln befiederten Zehen, 16 federigem Schwanz und braunem Gefieder sowohl im Sommer als im Winter.   ...   *) ορειας, Bergnymphe." (Kaup 1829).