Eungella Honeyeater

Eungella Honeyeater / Bolemoreus hindwoodi

Eungella Honeyeater

Here the details of the Eungella Honeyeater named bird below:

SCI Name:  Bolemoreus hindwoodi
Protonym:  Meliphaga hindwoodi Emu 83 p.59-65
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Meliphagidae /
Taxonomy Code:  eunhon1
Type Locality:  
Publish Year:  1983
IUCN Status:  


(Meliphagidae; Bridled Honeyeater B. frenatus) Portmanteau of surnames Boles and Longmore (after Dr Walter Earle Boles (fl. 2016) and Noel Wayne Longmore (fl. 2014) Australian ornithologists); “Genus Bolemoreus Nyári and Joseph, nomen novum   Type species: B. frenatus (Ramsay, 1875)   Included species: B. frenatus, B. hindwoodi Longmore and Boles, 1983)   Diagnosis: the need for recognition of Bolemoreus has arisen from molecular data reported herein.  ...  Bolemoreus is a Latinized name of masculine gender that commemorates the work of Walter E. Boles and N. Wayne Longmore.  Together and individually, they have contributed enormously to the development of ornithology in Australia, especially systematic ornithology.  Of specific relevance here, however, is their role in the discovery and description of the Eungella Honeyeater B. hindwoodi, which to date was the most recently discovered and described Australian bird species (Longmore and Boles 1983).” (Nyári & Joseph 2011); "Bolemoreus Nyári and Joseph, 2011, Emu, 111, p. 202+.  Type, by original designation, B. frenatus (Ramsay 1875), i.e. Ptilotis frenata Ramsay, 1875." (JAJ 2020).
Var. Bolemolreus.

Keith Alfred Hindwood (1904-1971) Australian ornithologist (Bolemoreus, syn. Pterodroma nigripennis).