Golden-bellied Flyrobin

Golden-bellied Flyrobin / Microeca hemixantha

Golden-bellied Flyrobin

Here the details of the Golden-bellied Flyrobin named bird below:

SCI Name:  Microeca hemixantha
Protonym:  Microeca hemixantha Proc.Zool.Soc.London Pt1 p.55
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Petroicidae /
Taxonomy Code:  gobfly2
Type Locality:  Larat and Lutu, Timorlaut = Tanimbar.
Publish Year:  1883
IUCN Status:  


(Petroicidae; Ϯ Jacky Winter M. fascinans assimilis) Gr. μικρος mikros  small; οικα oika  to be like (cf. “They build tiny shallow nests - the smallest of any Australian bird  ... Their generic name Microeca is derived from the Greek micros, small, and oikos, house” (Pizzey & Knight 2007); the nidification and habits of the Jacky Winter are not referred to in the original description); “A new species from Swan River, which, with the Muscicapa macroptera of Messrs. Vigors and Horsfield, I propose to erect into a new genus under the name of Micrœca.   Genus MICRŒCA.   Characteres generici.—Rostrum quam caput brevius, depressum, ad basin latum, gonyide recto, apice incurvo et leviter denticulato.  Nares rotundatæ, ad basin rostri vibrissis validis instructam positæ. Alæ longæ et fortes, remigum primo brevi, terti longissimo.  Cauda aliquanto brevis, et fere quadrata.  Tarsi mediocres, debiles.  Digiti debiles; externus quam internus valde longior.  As the species now exhibited closely assimilates to the M. macroptera, I propose to designate it as  MICRŒCA ASSIMILIS.  ...  Nearly allied to but much less in size than Muscicapa macroptera Vig. and Horsf.”(Gould 1841); "Microeca Gould, 1841, Proc. Zool. Soc. London (1840), p. 172. Type, by monotypy, Microeca assimilis Gould." (Mayr in Peters 1986, XI, 557).
Var. Micraeca, Micrueca.
Synon. Kempia.

Gr. ἡμι- hēmi-  half-, part  < ἡμισυς hēmisus  half; ξανθος xanthos  yellow.