Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Ruby-throated Hummingbird / Archilochus colubris

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Here the details of the Ruby-throated Hummingbird named bird below:

SCI Name:  Archilochus colubris
Protonym:  Trochilus Colubris Syst.Nat.ed.10 p.120
Taxonomy:  Caprimulgiformes / Trochilidae /
Taxonomy Code:  rthhum
Type Locality:  North America = South Carolina ex Catesby.
Publish Year:  1758
IUCN Status:  


(Trochilidae; Ϯ Black-chinned Hummingbird A. alexandri) Archilochus (fl. 600 BC) Parian poet famous for his savage wit and flouting of convention; "*Selasphorus   ...  * β. Archilochus Alexandri (Tr. — BOURC. 1846.) RCHB.  —  Mex.: Sierra Madre." (Reichenbach 1854); "Selasphorus β Archilochus Reichenbach, Journ. f. Orn., 1, 1854, Beil. zu Extrah., p. 13. Type, by monotypy, Trochilus alexandri Bourcier, i.e. Bourcier and Mulsant." (Peters, 1945, V, p. 134).  One of numerous hummingbird genera diagnosed by Reichenbach 1854, commemorating classical artisans, following the precedents set by Linnaeus, Brisson, and other eighteenth century authors, who culled many names from the classics and mythology to express close relationship between groups of species in large, unwieldy genera.
Var. Architrochilus.
Synon. Colubris, Cynanthus, Trochilus.

Spanish name Colibri for a hummingbird.
● "60. TROCHILUS.  ...  Colubris. 6.  T. rectricibus nigris: lateralibus tribus apice albis, gula rubra.  Mellivora avis carolinensis. Catesb. car. I. p. 65. t. 65.  Mellivora gula rubra. Edw. av. 38. t. 38.  Habitat in America, imprimis septentrionali." (Linnaeus 1758) (Archilochus).

Spanish name Colibri for a hummingbird (Colibree of English authors; "The name, trochilus, has also been applied to the Colibrees, though I know not for what reason: Colubris seems to be the [more] appropriate epithet" (SDW 1836 per Richmond Card Index)).
• (Trochilidae; syn. Anthracothorax Jamaican Mango A. mango) "Besides the old species of Colibree — the Rubythroated Colibree (Colubris rubens,) AUDUBON has discovered another — the Mango Colibree (Colubris mango.)" (C. T. Wood 1837).
• (Trochilidae; syn. Archilochus Ruby-throated Hummingbird A. colubris ) Reichenbach's 1850, plate XL, labelled Trochilinae.Mellisuginae.Phaëtorninae, includes a bird which could be identified with this hummingbird; "Colubris Reichenbach, 1850, Avium Syst. Nat., pl. XL.  Type, by subsequent designation (G. Gray, 1855, Cat. Genera Subgenera Birds Brit. Mus., p. 23), Trochilus colubris Linnaeus, 1758." (JAJ 2020).
• (Trochilidae; syn. Chlorostilbon  Puerto Rican Emerald C. maugaeus); "[plate]15. Der blaubrüstige Kolibri  ... Colubris Ourissia  ... [plate]16. Der honigfressende Kolibri  ... Colubris Mellivorus  ... [plate]39. Der kleinste Kolibri  ... Colubris minimus" (Hübner 1793).
• (Trochilidae; syn. Florisuga † White-necked Jacobin F. mellivora) (see sub-entry above).
• (Trochilidae; syn. Mellisuga † Vervain Hummingbird M. minima) (see sub-entry above).