New Caledonian Owlet-nightjar

New Caledonian Owlet-nightjar / Aegotheles savesi

New Caledonian Owlet-nightjar

Here the details of the New Caledonian Owlet-nightjar named bird below:

SCI Name:  Aegotheles savesi
Protonym:  AEgotheles savesi Ibis p.132 pl.5
Taxonomy:  Caprimulgiformes / Aegothelidae /
Taxonomy Code:  nconig1
Type Locality:  Tongue, near Noumea, New Caledonia.
Publish Year:  1881
IUCN Status:  


(Aegothelidae; Ϯ Australian Owlet-nightjar A. cristatus) Gr. αιγοθηλας aigothēlas  nightjar or goatsucker  < αιξ aix, αιγος aigos  goat; θηλαζω thēlazō  to suckle; "Genus ÆGOTHELES Ϯ.   Rostrum breve, crassiusculum, latissimum, basi depressum, tomiis integris, rictu amplissimo.  Culmen carinatum, rotundatum, dertro unguiculato, subadunco.  Mandibula inferior apice ad accipiendum superioris dertrum canaliculata.   ...   ϮAιγοθηλης, Caprimulgus. — We revive the Aristotelian name of the Goatsucker. The word, although originally conveying an erroneous meaning, has been translated into so many languages, and, as such, has become so identified with the birds of this family, that we feel no hesitation in applying it to the present group.  ...  We have hitherto met with but one species belonging to this form which seems confined to New Holland.   1. NOVÆ HOLLANDIÆ.  ...  Caprimulgus Novæ Hollandiæ. Lath. Ind. Orn. p. 588. no. 18.  Crested Goatsucker. Phillips's Bot. Bay, pl. in p. 270.  This bird is called by the natives Teringing'." (Vigors & Horsfield 1827); "Ægotheles Vigors and Horsfield, Trans. Linn. Soc. London, 15, pt. 1, 1826, p. 194. Type, by monotypy, Caprimulgus novaehollandiae Latham = Caprimulgus cristatus White." (Peters 1940, IV, p. 181).
Var. Aegitholes, Egotheles, Oegotheles.
Synon. Euaegotheles, Megaegotheles.

Théodore Savés (1855-1918) French collector in New Caledonia 1873-1885 (Aegotheles).