Fernwren / Oreoscopus gutturalis


Here the details of the Fernwren named bird below:

SCI Name:  Oreoscopus gutturalis
Protonym:  Sericornis gutturalis Proc.R.Soc.Queensland 6(1890) p.244
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Acanthizidae /
Taxonomy Code:  fernwr1
Type Locality:  Herberton, northern Queensland.
Publish Year:  1889
IUCN Status:  


(Acanthizidae; Ϯ Fernwren O. gutturalis) Gr. ορος oros, ορεος oreos  mountain (i.e. north-eastern highlands of Queensland, Australia); σκοπος skopos  watcher, guardian  < σκοπεω skopeō  to spy out; "Oreoscopus, gen. nGeneric Characters.—Bill long, straight, wide at base, equal in length from gape to tip, to length of head. Wing concave, rounded, and exceeding by one-fourth the length of the tail; the wing-formula similar to that of Sericornis. Tail slightly wedge-shaped at the end, feathers broad, the lateral ones with broad outer webs. Tarsus moderate, equal in length to the middle toe with claw, the lower three scutes very distinct.   Type.—Sericornis gutturalis, De Vis, Proc. Roy. Soc., Queensland, vol. vi., p. 244 (1889)  ...  Mr. C. W. De Vis, M.A., from a single example, described a bird that inhabits the scrubs of the Herberton tablelands, also the higher peaks of the Bellender Ker Range in North-eastern Queensland  ...  Vernacularly, this species of insectivorous bird may be distinguished under the name of the Fern Wren" (North 1905) (OD per Björn Bergenholtz). The Fernwren was formerly treated as a Crateroscelis mouse warbler.

Med. L. gutturalis  of the throat  < L. guttur, gutturis  throat.
● ex “Plastron Noir” of Levaillant 1801-1804, pl. 123 (syn. Apalis thoracica).
● ex “Manakin à gorge blanche” of Brisson 1760 (Corapipo).
● ex “Guttural Thrush” of Latham 1787 (syn. Pachycephala pectoralis).
● ex “Martinet à Gorge Blanche” of Levaillant 1807, pl. 243 (syn. Tachymarptis melba africana).
● ex “Merle à collier du cap de bonne Espérance” of d’Aubenton 1765-1781, pl. 272 (syn. Telophorus zeylonus).