Yellow-winged Cacique

Yellow-winged Cacique / Cassiculus melanicterus

Yellow-winged Cacique

Here the details of the Yellow-winged Cacique named bird below:

SCI Name:  Cassiculus melanicterus
Protonym:  Icterus melanicterus J.Acad.Nat.Sci.Philadelphia 4 pt2 p.389
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Icteridae /
Taxonomy Code:  yewcac1
Type Locality:  Mexico ; restricted to Temascaltepec, Mexico by van Rossem, 1945, Occas. Papers Mus. Zool. Louisiana State Univ., no. 21, p. 234.
Publish Year:  1825
IUCN Status:  


(Icteridae; Ϯ Yellow-winged Cacique C. melanicterus) Dim. < genus Cassicus Illiger, 1811, cacique; "G. CASSICULUS. Swains. in Zool. Journ. No. 10.    61. Cassiculus coronatus.  Black; wing covers, rump, vent, and lateral tail feathers yellow; crest elongated, pendulous; bill white.  Table land. Temiscaltipec." (Swainson 1827 (June)); "CASSICULUS.  Rostrum sub-elongatum, compressissimum, culmine basi non depresso.  Alæ mediocres, remigibus 1ma, 2da, et 3tia abrupte attenuatis, falcatis.  ...  Type. C. coronatus.  ...  In this form are united the characters of Cassicus and Xanthornus  ...  I suspect this type will not stand alone; yet, for the present, it may be looked upon rather as a sub-genus." (Swainson 1827 (December));  "Cassiculus Swainson, Phil. Mag., (n.s.), 1, No. 6, p. 436, June, 1827; idem, Zool. Journ., 3, No. 11, Sept.-Dec., p. 352, 1827—type, by orig. desig., Cassiculus coronatus Swainson = Icterus melanicterus Bonaparte." (Hellmayr, 1937, Cat. Birds Americas, Pt. X, p. 45).

melanictera / melanicterus
Gr. μελας melas, μελανος melanos  black; ικτερος ikteros  jaundice-yellow.
● ex “Troupiale jaune à calotte noire de Cayenne” (= ☼) of d’Aubenton 1765-1781, pl. 533 (syn. Gymnomystax mexicanus).
● ex “Black and Orange Finch” of Latham 1783 (syn. Melophus lathami).
● ex “Yellow-breasted Flycatcher” of Brown 1776, and Latham 1783 (Pycnonotus).
● ex “Merle Jaune Huppé” of Levaillant 1803, pl. 117 (artefact).