Snow Mountain Quail

Snow Mountain Quail / Anurophasis monorthonyx

Snow Mountain Quail

Here the details of the Snow Mountain Quail named bird below:

SCI Name:  Anurophasis monorthonyx
Protonym:  Anurophasis monorthonyx NotesLeydenMus. 32 p.212
Taxonomy:  Galliformes / Phasianidae /
Taxonomy Code:  snmqua2
Type Locality:  Oranje Mts., 3800 met., Dutch New Guinea.
Publish Year:  1910
IUCN Status:  


(Phasianidae; Ϯ Snow Mountain Quail A. monorthonyx) Gr. negative prefix αν- an- ; ουρα oura  tail; Mod. L. phasis  pheasant  < Med. L. phasis avis  pheasant; "Anurophasis, nov. gen. Gallidarum.  Bill short, at base broader than high; culmen conspicuously arched; tip rounded and curving over the lower mandible. Nostrils concealed above by a scale and below by plumes. Tarso-metatarsus a little longer than middle toe with claw, covered in front with two rows of scales. Toes rather long, inner toe shorter than the outer; hind toe short and elevated. Claws strong and pointed, slightly curved, but that of the inner toe quite straight. Wings not very long, slightly rounded; fourth and fifth primaries the longest. Tail apparently wanting, rectrices soft and not to be distinguished from the coverts.   Anurophasis monorthonyx nov. spec.  ♂, Oranje Mountains (3800 m.), 5 November 1909; coll. Lorentz nº 254." (van Oort 1910); "Anurophasis van Oort, Notes Leyden Mus., 32, 19190, p. 211. Type, by monotypy, Anurophasis monorthonyx van Oort." (Peters, 1934, II, p. 68).

Gr. μονος monos  single; ορθος orthos  straight; ονυξ onux, ονυχος onukhos  claw, nail.