Bridled Sparrow

Bridled Sparrow / Peucaea mystacalis

Bridled Sparrow

Here the details of the Bridled Sparrow named bird below:

SCI Name:  Peucaea mystacalis
Protonym:  Zonotrichia mystacalis Rev.Mag.Zool.(2), 4 p.3 dP
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Passerellidae /
Taxonomy Code:  brispa1
Type Locality:  Rio Frio, between Puebla and Ciudad Mexico, Mexico.
Publish Year:  1852
IUCN Status:  


(Passerellidae; Ϯ Bachman's Sparrow P. aestivalis bachmani) Gr. πευκη peukē pine-tree; "GENUS VI.  PEUCÆA, AUD.  PINEWOOD-FINCH.   Bill of moderate length, rather stout, straight, considerably compressed, acute; upper mandible with the dorsal line somewhat convex, the ridge rather narrow, the sides convex, the edges inflected, with the notches obsolete, the tip acute; lower mandible with the angle short and rounded, the dorsal line ascending and slightly convex, the ridge rounded, the sides convex, the edges involute, the tip acute. Nostrils small, roundish, partially concealed by the plumage.  ...  Name from Πευκη, a pine.   176. 1. Peucæa Bachmanii, AUD.  Bachman's Pinewood-Finch.   ...   177. 2. Peucæa Lincolnii, AUD.  Lincoln's Pinewood-Finch." (Audubon 1839); "Peucaea Audubon, Syn. Bds. N. Amer., p. 112, 1839—type, by subs. desig. (Gray, List Gen. Bds., p. 60, 1841), Peucaea bachmanii Audubon." (Hellmayr 1938, XIII, 516).

mystacale / mystacalis
Mod. L. mystacalis  moustached < Gr. μυσταξ mustax, μυστακος mustakos  moustache  < μασταξ mastax, μαστακος mastakos  jaws, mouth  < μασαομαι masaomai  to chew.