Mountain Mouse-Warbler

Mountain Mouse-Warbler / Crateroscelis robusta

Mountain Mouse-Warbler

Here the details of the Mountain Mouse-Warbler named bird below:

SCI Name:  Crateroscelis robusta
Protonym:  Gerygone robusta AnnualRep.Brit.NewGuinea(1896-1897) p.84
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Acanthizidae /
Taxonomy Code:  momwar1
Type Locality:  Wharton Range, southeastern New Guinea.
Publish Year:  1898
IUCN Status:  


(Acanthizidae; Ϯ Rusty Mouse-warbler C. murina) Gr. κρατερος krateros  stout, strong; σκελος skelos, σκελεος skeleos  leg; "This endemic genus is characterized by the terrestrial habit, melodious song, long legs, compact body form, and abbreviated tail." (Beehler & Pratt 2016); "f''. Tail of moderate length, not hidden by the plumes of the rump.  ...  l'''. Bill equal in height and depth.  i4. Rictal bristles scarcely perceptible. . . .31. CRATEROSCELIS, p. 590.   ...   31. CRATEROSCELISRange. New Guinea, Waigiou, Mysol, Aru Island.  ...  1. Crateroscelis murina.  ...  2. Crateroscelis monacha." (Sharpe 1883); "Crateroscelis Sharpe, 1883, Cat. Birds Brit. Mus., 7, pp. 507 (in key), 590. Type, by subsequent designation, Myiothera murina Temminck MS = Brachypteryx murinus P. L. Sclater." (Mayr in Peters, 1986, XI, p. 411).  Recent work indicates that this genus should be subsumed into Origma.

L. robustus  powerful, strong, robust  < robur, roboris  hardwood.


Mountain Mouse-Warbler (peninsularis)
SCI Name: Crateroscelis robusta peninsularis
peninsulare / peninsulari / peninsularis
L. paeninsularis or peninsularis  peninsular, of the peninsula  < paeninsula or peninsula  peninsula  < paene  almost, nearly; insula  island.
● Malay Peninsula, Malaysia/Thailand (Siam) (subsp. Arborophila chloropus, subsp. Chalcites minutillus, syn. Dinopium rafflesi, syn. Niltava sumatrana, syn. Pitta cyanea, subsp. Prinia rufescens).
● Vogelkop, West Papua, New Guinea (subsp. Crateroscelis robusta).
● Peninsular India (syn. Dicrurus macrocercus, subsp. Gracula religiosa, syn. Picoides nanus cinereigula).
● Baja California, Mexico (subsp. Falco sparverius).
● Yucatán, Mexico (syn. Habia fuscicauda insularis, syn. Troglodytes aedon intermedius).
● Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, USA (subsp. Lagopus leucura).
● Cape York Peninsula, Queensland, Australia (subsp. Ninox connivens).
● Paria Peninsula, Sucre, Venezuela (subsp. Patagioenas subvinacea).
● Florida, USA (syn. Zenaida asiatica).

Mountain Mouse-Warbler (diamondi)
SCI Name: Crateroscelis robusta diamondi
Prof. Jared Mason Diamond (b. 1937) US biologist (subsp. Crateroscelis robusta, subsp. Phonygammus keraudrenii).

Mountain Mouse-Warbler (ripleyi)
SCI Name: Crateroscelis robusta ripleyi
Dr Sidney Dillon Ripley II (1913-2001) US spymaster, ornithologist, conservationist, explorer, Secretary of the Smithsonian Inst. 1964-1984 (syn. Aethopyga nipalensis koelzi, subsp. Cettia castaneocoronata, subsp. Collocalia linchi, subsp. Crateroscelis robusta, syn. Chrysocorythus estherae vanderbilti, subsp. Edolisoma mindanense, ‡Gallirallus, subsp. Hydrornis irena, subsp. Neocrex colombiana, subsp. Pellorneum ruficeps, subsp. Phodilus assimilis, subsp. Pteruthius aeralatus).

Mountain Mouse-Warbler (bastille)
SCI Name: Crateroscelis robusta bastille
Bastille Day 14 July 1789, the storming of the Bastille prison-fortress in Paris, marked the start of the French Revolution. The type specimens of these subspp. of the Mottle-breasted Honeyeater and Mountain Mouse Warbler were collected in New Guinea on 14 July 1965 and 14 July 1966 respectively (subsp. Crateroscelis robusta, subsp. Microptilotis mimikae).

Mountain Mouse-Warbler (deficiens)
SCI Name: Crateroscelis robusta deficiens
L. deficiens, deficientis  wanting, failing, abandoning  < deficere  to abandon.

Mountain Mouse-Warbler (sanfordi)
SCI Name: Crateroscelis robusta sanfordi
Dr Leonard Cutler Sanford (1868-1950) US zoologist, Trustee of AMNH, organised Whitney-Sanford South Pacific expeditions, sponsor of AMNH Mt Hagen Expedition (subsp. Archboldia papuensis, subsp. Asio flammeus, syn. Cinnyrorhyncha longirostra, subsp. Crateroscelis robusta, Cyornis, Diomedea, subsp. Erythrura trichroa, Haliaeetus, subsp. Lagopus muta, subsp. Micrathene whitneyi, subsp. Mino kreffti, subsp. Myzomela cardinalis, subsp. Pachycephala orioloides, syn. Perisoreus canadensis nigricapillus, subsp. Rhabdotorrhinus exarhatus, syn. Rhamphomantis megarhynchus).

Mountain Mouse-Warbler (robusta)
SCI Name: Crateroscelis robusta robusta
L. robustus  powerful, strong, robust  < robur, roboris  hardwood.