Chilean Pigeon

Chilean Pigeon / Patagioenas araucana

Chilean Pigeon

Here the details of the Chilean Pigeon named bird below:

SCI Name:  Patagioenas araucana
Protonym:  Columba araucana Voy.Coq. (1826), pl.40 1830 Zool. 1 p.706
Taxonomy:  Columbiformes / Columbidae /
Taxonomy Code:  chipig2
Type Locality:  Talcahuano, Concepcion Bay, Chile.
Publish Year:  1827
IUCN Status:  


(Columbidae; Ϯ White-crowned Pigeon P. leucocephala) Gr. παταγη patagē  clatter, clap; οινας oinas, οιναδος oinados   pigeon; "Genera et Species typicae.  ...  γ. *Patagioenas Rchb. leucocephala (Col. — L. Gm.) R.  Ic. Av. t. 223. ic. 1257—58.  t. 255. ic. 2863—64." (Reichenbach 1852); "Patagioenas Reichenbach, Av. Syst. Nat., p. xxv, 1852—type, by [original designation and] monotypy, Columba leucocephala Linnaeus." (Hellmayr & Conover 1942, XIII, 430). This genus incorporates the New World pigeons formerly included in Columba.
Var. Patagiaenas.
Synon. Chloroenas, Crossophthalmus, Lepidoenas, Notioenas, Oenoenas, Picazuros.

araucana / araucanus
Araucano or Mapuche, a people of Chile who offered stout resistance to the Spanish conquerors.