Dark Chanting-Goshawk

Dark Chanting-Goshawk / Melierax metabates

Dark Chanting-Goshawk

Here the details of the Dark Chanting-Goshawk named bird below:

SCI Name:  Melierax metabates
Protonym:  Melierax metabates Ibis p.72
Taxonomy:  Accipitriformes / Accipitridae /
Taxonomy Code:  dacgos1
Type Locality:  White Nile between lat. 6° N. and 7° N.
Publish Year:  1861
IUCN Status:  


(Accipitridae; Ϯ Pale Chanting Goshawk M. canorus) Gr. μελος melos  song; ἱεραξ hierax, ἱερακος hierakos  hawk; "FAUCON CHANTEUR. FALCO MUSICUS  ...  C'est sur-tout dans la saison des amours que le mâle chante, ainsi que la plupart des oiseaux qui sont doués de cette faculté. Placé près de sa femelle, qu'il ne quitte pas de toute l'année, il chante des heures entières, et chaque phrase dure près d'une minute: comme notre Rossignol, on l'entend le matin au lever du soleil, le soir au déclin du jour, et quelquefois durante toute la nuit" (Daudin 1800); "MELIËRAX, n.  M. musicus, (Daud.) n.  Levaill. Ois. d'Afr., pl. 27" (G. Gray 1840); "Meliërax G. R. Gray, 1840, List Gen. Birds, p. 5. Type, by original designation, Falco musicus Daudin = Falco canorus Rislachi." (Amadon in Peters 1979, 1, ed. 2, 321).
Var. Melijerax, Meliecrax.

Gr. μεταβατης metabatēs  leaper, vaulter  < μετα meta  change; βατης batēs  treader  < βατεω bateō  to tread  < βαινω bainō  to walk (cf. μεταβασις metabasis  shifting, migrating, exchanging).


Dark Chanting-Goshawk (theresae)
SCI Name: Melierax metabates theresae
● Dr Theresa Rachel Clay (1911-1995) British parasitologist, authority on bird-lice, collector (syn. Alauda arvensis, syn. Anthus pratensis whistleri, syn. Bucanetes githaginea zedlitzi, syn. Coccothraustes coccothraustes buvryi, syn. Crithagra albogularis sordahlae, syn. Emberiza sahari, subsp. Galerida theklae, syn. Garrulus glandarius minor, subsp. Lanius excubitor, subsp. Melierax metabates, syn. Oenanthe moesta, subsp. Onychognathus tenuirostris, syn. Ptyonoprogne rupestris, Pyrgilauda, syn. Saxicola rubicola hibernans, syn. Scleroptila psilolaema elgonensis, subsp. Scotocerca saharae, syn. Spizocorys sclateri, syn. Sylvia nana, syn. Turdoides caudatus salvadorii, syn. Turdus viscivorus deichleri).
● Therese Charlotte Maria Anna Princess of Bavaria (1850–1925) German zoologist, anthropologist, explorer, daughter of Luitpold Prince-Regent of Bavaria (subsp. Hapalopsittaca amazonina).
● Probably after the Maria Theresa thaler or dollar, a silver-bullion coin much in demand in Africa and the Middle East (named after Maria Theresa Archduchess of Austria and Queen of Hungary (1717-1780; reigned 1740-1780)); "Scents and hair-oil were also very much sought after by the people of Bornu, a fact which, I think, revealed a trace of their Eastern origin. They did not care at all for beads, preferring the Maria Theresa dollar, which they beat and made into silver ornaments" (Alexander 1907) (Mark Brown and Martin Schneider in litt.)) (syn. Indicator maculatus stictithorax).
● Teresa Cristina Maria Princess of the Two Sicilies and Empress Consort of Brazil (1822-1889; reigned 1843-1889) renowned for her generosity, patience and support of Brazilian culture (Joek Roex in litt.) (subsp. Hylophylax naevius).
● Therese "Resi" Reiser née Höfner (1860-1953) wife of Austrian ornithologist Dr Otmar Reiser (Martin Schneider in litt.) (syn. Ramphastos vitellinus ariel).

Dark Chanting-Goshawk (neumanni)
SCI Name: Melierax metabates neumanni
neumanni / neumanniana / neumannianus
Prof. Oskar Rudolph Neumann (1867-1946) German ornithologist, explorer and collector in East Africa 1892-1899, Associate at Tring Mus. 1908-1931 (syn. Alcedo leucogaster bowdleri, syn. Anthreptes orientalis, syn. Anthus similis hararensis, subsp. Anthus vaalensis, syn. Apalis flavida flavocinctaArizelocichla, subsp. Bradornis microrhynchus, syn. Campethera nubica, syn. Cecropis semirufa gordoni, subsp. Centropus leucogaster, syn. Certhia brachydactyla, syn. Cisticola hunteri, syn. Euplectes axillaris phoeniceus, subsp. Gallinula tenebrosa, subsp. Galerida cristata, Hemitesia, subsp. Lophoceros pallidirostris, subsp. Melierax metabates, syn. Muscicapa adusta minima, subsp. Muscicapa striata (ex Muscicapa grisola sibirica Neumann, 1900), syn. Numida meleagris, subsp. Oenanthe melanura (ex Cercomela melanura erlangeri Neumann & von Zedlitz, 1913), Onychognathus, syn. Passer griseus swainsonii, subsp. Phonygammus keraudrenii, subsp. Ploceus baglafecht, syn. Prionops retzii graculina, subsp. Psittacara acuticaudatus, subsp. Ptilinopus solomonensis, subsp. Ptilorrhoa caerulescens, syn. Pyrenestes ostrinus, subsp. Terpsiphone rufiventer, subsp. Vidua chalybeata).

Dark Chanting-Goshawk (ignoscens)
SCI Name: Melierax metabates ignoscens
L. ignoscens, ignoscentis  overlooking, forgiving  < ignoscere  to overlook.

Dark Chanting-Goshawk (metabates)
SCI Name: Melierax metabates metabates
Gr. μεταβατης metabatēs  leaper, vaulter  < μετα meta  change; βατης batēs  treader  < βατεω bateō  to tread  < βαινω bainō  to walk (cf. μεταβασις metabasis  shifting, migrating, exchanging).

Dark Chanting-Goshawk (mechowi)
SCI Name: Melierax metabates mechowi
Maj. Friedrich Wilhelm Alexander von Mechow (1831-1890) Prussian explorer, collector in Angola 1873-1875, 1879-1882 (Cercoccyx, subsp. Charadrius marginatus, syn. Cinnyris venustus falkensteini, syn. Euplectes axillaris bocagei, subsp. Melierax metabates).