Red-naped Ibis

Red-naped Ibis / Pseudibis papillosa

Red-naped Ibis

Here the details of the Red-naped Ibis named bird below:

SCI Name:  Pseudibis papillosa
Protonym:  Ibis papillosa Pl.Col. livr.51 pl.304,text
Taxonomy:  Pelecaniformes / Threskiornithidae /
Taxonomy Code:  renibi1
Type Locality:  India and Ceylon.
Publish Year:  1824
IUCN Status:  


(Threskiornithidae; Ϯ Red-naped Ibis P. papillosa) Gr. ψευδος pseudos  false; ιβις ibis, ιβιδος ibidos  ibis; "I. (Pseudibis) papillosa, [drawing no.] 619." (Hodgson 1844); "Pseudibis Hodgson, in Gray's Zoöl. Misc., 1844, p. 86. Type, by monotypy, Ibis papillosa Temminck." (Peters 1931, 1, 132).
Synon. Graptocephalus, Inocotis.

papillosa / papillosus
L. papillosus  papillose, having pimples  < papilla  pimple, pustule, bud.