Kioea / Chaetoptila angustipluma


Here the details of the Kioea named bird below:

SCI Name:  Chaetoptila angustipluma
Protonym:  Entomiza? angustipluma U.S.Expl.Exped. 8 p.147
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Mohoidae /
Taxonomy Code:  kioea
Type Locality:  Hawaii.
Publish Year:  1848
IUCN Status:  


‡ (Mohoidae; Ϯ Kioea C. angustipluma) Gr. χαιτη khaitē  long hair; πτιλον ptilon  feather; "plumage of the head, neck, and breast, with the webs of the feathers composed of few filaments, and presenting an open or skeleton-like texture; many feathers of the throat terminated with bristles  ... This structure of the feathers gives to the plumage of the parts mentioned, a somewhat hairy appearance" (Cassin 1858); "Mr. Dole gives us a list of upwards of 20 supposed Hawaiian species of this order  ...  Beginning with the "Meliphagidae," he enumerates four species of Moho, or, as I should prefer to call it more classically, Mohoa. Three of them are undoubtedly good species of the genus, which is one of the most characteristic forms of the Hawaiian Avifauna—namely, M. nobilis (Merrem), M. braccata (Cassin), and M. apicalis Gould.  But I am very doubtful whether the Entomyza angustipluma of Cassin can be properly referred to this genus, and in my MS. have proposed for it the new generic term Chætoptila †.  I have examined the typical specimen of this bird, which was in Mr. Cassin's hands when I was at Philadelphia in 1856.   ...   †  χαιτη, coma; et πτιλον, pluma." (P. Sclater 1871); " Chætoptila Sclater, Ibis, 1817, p. 358.  Type (by original designation): Entomiza angustipluma Peale." (Mathews, 1930, Syst. Av. Austral., II, p. 800).
Var. Chaetophila.

L. angustus  narrow; pluma  plume, featherlet.
● “all the plumage of the head and body remarkably narrow, and open in texture” (Peale 1848) (‡Chaetoptila).