Forest Fody

Forest Fody / Foudia omissa

Forest Fody

Here the details of the Forest Fody named bird below:

SCI Name:  Foudia omissa
Protonym:  Foudia omissa Bull.Br.Orn.Club 31 p.26
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Ploceidae /
Taxonomy Code:  forfod1
Type Locality:  Tamatave, Madagascar.
Publish Year:  1912
IUCN Status:  


(Ploceidae; Ϯ Red Fody F. madagascariensis) Malagasy names Foudi, Fodi or Fody for the Red Fody. Reichenbach's 1850, plate LXXIX, labelled Passerinae: Pyrrhulinae genuinae, includes a variety of thick-billed finches and other birds, and shows Foudia next to Cardinalis. "*951. Foudia, Reichenb. 1850. (Ploceus, p. Gr.)   Africa.   4.    1. LOXIA madagascariensis, L. (Cardinalis madagascariensis, Briss. - Euplectes rubra, Sw. - Ploceus ruber? Blyth. - Pl. madagascariensis et ruber, Gr.) Pl. enl. 134. 2. - Vieill. Ois. Chant. t. 53.  ex Ins. Maur. Madagascar.  ...  2. FRINGILLA erythrocephala et Emberiza rubra, Gm. (Ploceus erythrocephalus, Sw.-Pl. martineti! Gr.-Hyphantornis erythrocephalus, Blyth.) Pl. enl. 665. 1. mas. 2 faem. - Brown, Ill. Zool., t. 28. 2. - Vieill. Ois. Chant. t. 28. ex Ins. Mauritius ...  *3. F. eminentissimus, Bp. Mus. Paris. ex Afr. or. Zanzibar.  ...   4. PLOCEUS erythrops, Hartl. Rev. Zool. 1848. p. 109. ex Ins. S.ti Thomae. Afr. occ." (Bonaparte 1850); "Foudia Reichenbach, 1850, Av. Syst. Nat., pl. 79. Type, by subsequent designation (Gray, 1855, Gen. Subgen. Birds, p. 70), Loxia madagascariensis Linnaeus." (Moreau in Peters, 1962, XV, p. 62).
Synon. Calyphantria, Nesacanthis, Neshyphantes.

L. omissus  disregarded, omitted  < omittere  to disregard.