Namuli Apalis

Namuli Apalis / Apalis lynesi

Namuli Apalis

Here the details of the Namuli Apalis named bird below:

SCI Name:  Apalis lynesi
Protonym:  Apalis lynesi Bull.Br.Orn.Club 53 p. 142
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Cisticolidae /
Taxonomy Code:  batapa5
Type Locality:  Mt. Namuli, Quelimane Province, Mozambique, lat. 15° 21'' S., long. 37° 4'' E.; altitude 5,000 feet.
Publish Year:  1933
IUCN Status:  


(Cisticolidae; Ϯ Bar-throated Apalis A. thoracica) Gr. ἁπαλος hapalos  soft, delicate (cf. Gotch 1981, erroneously suggested Apalis might be from an African name); "[plate 119] APALIS thoracica   ...   [text] APALIS thoracia [sic].  Gorget Warbler.   Family Sylviadæ.  Sub-fam: Sylvianæ.   Genus (?) Apalis.   GENERIC (?) CHARACTER.  General structue [sic] of Prinea, but the bill shorter, the plumage more compact, and the outer toe not connected to the middle as far as the first joint.   ...   Le Plastron Noir. Le Vaill. Ois. d'Af. 3 pl. 123. f. 1 male. 2 fem.  Motacilla thoracia [sic]. Nat. Miss [sic].  22. pl. 969.   THIS is one of the pretty warblers of Southern Africa, discovered by Le Vaillant: it is very common and widely distributed in the interior, but rare near the Cape.   ...   That this bird is of a tenuirostral type, is almost certain; seeing that it is an obvious representation of Motacilla, Pachycephala, Tamatia, Trichas, Charadrius, and many other collared groups: but whether it forms part of the genus Prinea, or represents the tenuirostral genus between that and Culicivora, is very uncertain. We suspect that this latter station is filled by the Taylor-Warblers of India, not one of which is to be found in our public Museums." (Swainson 1832); "Apalis Swainson, 1832, Zool. Illus., ser. 2, 3, p. 119, pl. 119. Type, by monotypy, Motacilla thoracica Shaw and Nodder." (Traylor in Peters, 1986, XI, p. 154). 
Var. Hapalis
Synon. Chlorodyta, Drymoterpe, Euprinodes.

Rear-Adm. Hubert Lynes (1874-1942) Royal Navy, on China Station 1910-1912, ornithologist, collector in tropical Africa (subsp. Anthus cinnamomeus, Apalis, ‡subsp. Ardeotis arabs, subsp. Batis orientalis, subsp. Cisticola brunnescens, syn. Dendrocopos major mauritanus, subsp. Galerida cristata, syn. Hirundo atrocaerulea, subsp. Lybius leucocephalus, subsp. Mirafra rufa, syn. Myrmecocichla tholloni, syn. Parus major excelsus, Sarothrura).